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Sublime Text is a great editor for code and text. There is nothing I can add to the above fact. Markdown is a great format to write the ReadMe's in GitHub, and a lot of other social media also allows MarkDown Format.

Sublime Text 2 have basic code snippets triggered for MarkDown Editing. This itself is a huge plus for using Sublime Text for MarkDown Editing though the support is limited to these 6 Snippets, as a user we can always enhance these.

Sublime Text MarkDown Snippets

The basic assumption I am making that you have the Package Control Plug-in installed.

Sublime Text 2 with the help of these 2 Plug-in makes Markdown Editing work like a charm. * MarkdownEditing * InsertDate


MarkDown Editing

The basic support from Sublime Text 2 is enough to use it as a MarkDown Editor but the MarkdownEditing provides great support in terms of.

  • Paring of Asterisks, underscores, brackets
  • Creation of Numbered list and Un-numbered list, with tab support of Indents.
  • Great key bindings.
  • Good theme with decent syntax highlighting, though I will propose read the blog in the Reference section.

These basic settings in helps a lot in MarkDown editing. Save it in Markdown (Standard).sublime-settings file.

    # Sets the Color Theme.
    "color_scheme": "Packages/MarkdownEditing/MarkdownEditor-Dark.tmTheme",
    # Sometime md is not recognized as a MarkDown Extensions.
    # Enable Spell Check.
    "spell_check": true,
    # If you want the text to start in the left hand corner, default is Centered.
    "draw_centered": false,
    "wrap_width": 180

Kindly visit the documentation in the GitHub page for more configuration and settings.

Insert Date

When writing a blog post using MarkDown we need to enter Date in the present Blog. This plug-in InsertDate is a great way to insert localized time into any documents based of few KeyStrokes.

This plug-in is vastly configurable, so we can customize completely to our needs.

Change this configuration in the file insert_date.sublime-settings

    # Mention your local Time zone
    "tz_in": "Asia/Kolkata",    
    # Sunday July 28,2019 Prints in this format
    "format": "%A %B%e,%Y"

The default Key combination to trigger this is [Ctrl + f5] [Ctrl + f5]. This works on all platform except Mac, as it triggers the VoiceOver App. Kindly see this issue for resolution.


In Conclusion, I will only try to mention that both, * MarkdownEditing * InsertDate

are great Plug-ins to write MarkDown files, Lets use these to make a better ReadMe in Github.


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