About Me

The above quote by Leonardo da Vinci inspires me to learn. One important part of learning is involvement. This blog is a journal of the process. We have always come across some great programming blogs in our life, paused and wondered what was the process to reach there. We never found that answer.

This blog content is hosted on archeranimesh, in an attempt to have a version control on the blog which helps in finding the history of this blog. If this blog is accepted by the programming fraternity in future, you can always checkout the history of this blog and try to copy and paste the approach for your own learning.

The programming languages which this blogs will address are

  1. Algorithms
  2. C
  3. Java
  4. Python
  5. Android
  6. Design Patterns
  7. Object Oriented Programming and Design
  8. Cloud & AWS

Programming is a mix of engineering and art, so listening music, photography are some of my hobbies which try to keep the art in me alive.

You're never going to win big if you're only going to minimize your losses.

My Projects